• Benefits of Police in Schools  

    To the Community

    The most precious commodities we have are our children. Since so many school children are the victims of crime, the conclusion inevitably follows that parents also suffer from crime.

    Therefore, school districts such as Ennis ISD have formed their own Police Departments within and have in essence, responded to the concerns of their constituents.

    If an offense occurs within the jurisdiction of the school district, the Campus Police Officer is available to respond quickly to the scene and do a thorough investigation; relieving the need for a street officer to respond, and thereby allowing the street officer more patrol time and availability for emergency calls for service.

    The overall benefits are :

    • An officer on campus in uniform is a visible deterrent to crime.
    • Principals already burdened on a daily basis with the tedious and sometimes critical decisions that have to be made as campus administrators, have the availability of expertise from someone trained in criminal matters and emergency situations.
    • The risk of violence on campus and liability risk that goes with it is reduced.
    • Campus Officers, trained in “Prevention, Intervention, and Education” methods, reduce the need for the possibility of security guards.
    • The coordinated efforts of district administrators and police professionals have proven to be a most successful and beneficial alliance in achieving the overall goal for providing the student, faculty, and staff an educational environment that is conducive to quality education.


    Secondary educational law enforcement is no longer an idea not tested. Those progressive school districts that have taken those first steps in providing Police Services within there school district community will readily attest to the success of their departments. These districts have sent a message to those who would disrupt the educational environment through criminal activity by saying that such activities will not be tolerated.

    The successful alliance between educators and police has added a new dimension to Law Enforcement and to the Educational community by uniting to achieve the overall objective of providing a Quality Education in a safe and wholesome environment free from fear, crime and disruption.