• Common Questions & Answers: 


    I am logged into my account, but the only option I have is for a new student? 

    - You will need to go to the top left of the screen where you see a schoolhouse icon. There is a drop-down arrow beside the icon. Click on the drop-down arrow and the choice will come up with Family Access. Click "Family Access" then the students should show up. 


    I forgot my username and password.

    - Please contact your child's campus first or Marlene Steele (contact information down below). If you are busy and have no other choice but to leave a voicemail, please leave the names of your children and what campuses they attend. 


    I am trying to enroll/register my child on Skyward Family Access, but it will not let me do it? There are no forms?  

    - Please make sure that you are not logged into your child's account and are logged into your own (Parent/Guardian's) account.


    I am having issues with Registration. 

    - If you are registering your child on your phone, please understand that Skyward is not phone app friendly. You will need to register your child to a personal device (Laptop and possibly iPad) or PC/Desktop/Computer. You can go to your child's campus that you are planning to have them attend and ask the staff at the front office for help or go to your local library and use their PCs if needed too. Macbooks will not accept signatures and acceptance at the end, so, you will need to use a PC.

    **If you do not know what campus your children are going to be attending, then please go to this link, (Bus) Infofinder, and insert your home addresszip code, and the grade your child is going into so that you can locate the specific campus. If you cannot find the campus that your children are going to attend, then please contact our Administration Building at 972-872-7000 or our Transportation Department at 972-872-7357 to see what school zone they are in. 


    *Please click on New Student EnrollmentReturning Students Registration, or Enrollment & Registration FAQs if this is what you are looking for. *


    For more information or in need of assistance, please contact your child's campus first: 


    Carver ECC: 972-872-3730

    Crockett ECC:  972-872-7131

    Austin Elementary: 972-872-7190

    Bowie Elementary: 972-872-7234

    Houston Elementary: 972-872-7285

    Travis Elementary: 972-872-7455

    Lummus Intermediate: 972-872-7060

    Miller Intermediate: 972-872-3775

    Alamo Middle School: 972-872-7332

    Ennis Junior High School: 972-872-3850

    Ennis High School: 972-872-3500


    If you still have more questions or need help in a specific area, then please contact: 

    Marlene Steele

    Marlene Steele 

    Skyward Support Specialist 

    Phone: 972-872-7000

    Email: familyaccess@ennis.k12.tx.us