• The Learning and Leadership Department, through a community partnership, is committed to inspiring, empowering, and equipping life-long learners that positively impact the future. As a team, we constantly strive for educational excellence in all that we do by enhancing the learning experiences for all students. We are committed to doing this by:

    • Vertically aligning curriculum and assessments to our state
    • Providing frameworks of best practices;
    • Utilizing in time data to meet the needs of our students; and
    • Providing learning opportunities and support for our teachers to
      continue to grow in their craft.

    This site will allow you to better understand how you can help your child, what content your child is learning, the order in which the curriculum is being taught, and additional information that will better allow you to understand the curriculum concept in Ennis ISD.

    TEKS Resource System is a curriculum that clearly articulates the expectations of students that are identified from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). TEKS Resource System's blueprint for success is achieved through concepts and understandings, performances and products, and instructional delivery. Instructors are provided the tools to teach the TEKS in an effective manner.

    If you would like more information on our curriculum, the TEKS Resource System Parent Portal is now available. On the parent portal select the grade level and subject area that you are interested in. You will see a box to check for "9 Weeks Version" - please check this box, since we operate on a nine weeks' schedule.

    At the heart of the TEKS Resource System process is a guaranteed & viable curriculum. Content area experts ensure quality through a process of continual review. The key components of the TEKS Resource System curriculum are:

    1. A K-12 systemic model in the four core content areas
    2. Common language, structure, and process for curriculum delivery
    3. Innovative Technology
    4. Aligned written, taught, and tested curriculum
    5. Clarified and specified TEKS/STAAR expectations assembled in a vertical alignment format
    6. Customizable instructional plans that allow district resources to be integrated into the system


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