• The District’s Counseling services are under the supervision of Curriculum and Instruction. With a staff of 15, the EISD Counseling team serves our student’s social, emotional, and academic needs through classroom guidance lessons and individual counseling. The EISD Counseling Department is also a part of the District’s Crisis Response team and is ready at a moment’s notice to provide support to both students and staff when needed. 

  • Haley Gilmore

    Haley Gilmore - Carver ECC

    Meagan Brasher

    Meagan Brasher - Crockett ECC

    Hayli Thompson

    Hayli Thompson - Austin Elementary

    Erika Bishop

    Erika Bishop - Bowie Elementary

    Catherine Hodgson

    Catherine Hodgson - Houston Elementary

  • Sueanna Adamcik

    Sueanna Adamcik - Travis Elementary

    Terra Cason

    Terra Cason - Miller Intermediate

    Dena Rendon

    Dena Rendon - Lummus Intermediate

    Kaylee Ensor

    Kaylee Ensor - Alamo Middle School

    Crystal Tisdale

    Crystal Tisdale - Ennis Junior High

  • Robinelle Williams

    Robinelle Williams - Ennis Junior High

    Julie Casas

    Julie Casas - Ennis High School

    Christy Morris

    Christy Morris - Ennis High School

    Sharon Davis

    Sharon Davis - Ennis High School

    Courtney Tenpenny

    Courtney Tenpenny - Ennis High School

    Bryce George

    Bryce George - Special Education Counselor