• Kindergarten Program

    Requirements for Kindergarten:

    Children must be 5 on or before September 1 for kindergarten.

    Child Find-Special Needs Children

    If you have a “special needs” child between the ages of three and five, please contact the Crockett Early Childhood Center about educational opportunities for your child. The staff can be reached at 972-872-7131. Early intervention is key to a child’s success when they enter the school setting.

    You and your child can look forward to an exciting voyage into the EISD educational setting. The administration and staff of our two Early Childhood Centers are very proud to offer “A quality education for ALL Children”. We take great pride in our work and do all we can to accomplish our mission: “Charting a Course for Success”. Please call us if we can assist you in getting your child started.

    The following documents are required to register your child:

    • Birth certificate- original copy
    • Immunization record (up to date)
    • Social Security card- original copy
    • Proof of Residence (utility bill)
    • Proof of income (most recent 4 pay stubs or tax return) Pre-K & Head Start ONLY

    Children who already meet the enrollment requirements for the current school year are encouraged to enroll now.