• Ennis Independent School district has the authorization to conduct based criminal history checks on individuals contracting with our district and has the ability to adjudicate the results.

    Senate Bill 9 directs school district contractors to obtain state and national criminal history background searches on those who will have direct contact with students through the DPS criminal history clearinghouse (Fingerprint-based Applicant Clearinghouse of Texas- FACT).

    What defines a contractor/vendor? A contractor/vendor performs services for the district in which they are being paid by the district. Examples of contractors/vendors are, dual credit instructors, private lesson instructors, and other vendors providing services to the district.

    Before a contractor/vendor (applicant) begins providing services for the district the applicant must complete the Fingerprint Subscription Authorization Contractor/Vendor Form. Once the applicant has been approved he or she will be notified by an Administrator and then services may be rendered.