• Proclamation 2020 calls for Instructional Materials

    Proclamation 2020 calls for English language arts and reading instructional materials for high school courses and English as a second language instructional materials for middle and high school courses.

    We believe it is our mission to select instructional materials that…

    • Align with the TEKS & support Student Expectations (SEs)
    • Support the district’s instructional scope and sequence/Balanced Literacy vision
    • Encourage the development of increased rigor in classroom instruction as measured by assessments
    • Support in the design of student work that is engaging, enhancing, and extending
    • Support technology literacy and integration
    • Provide additional needed curriculum resources aligned to new adopted TEKS
    • Enhance instruction to sustain the district’s journey over time
    • Support our district’s mission: The Ennis Independent School District (ISD) shall be an educational institution that continuously challenges and stimulates its students.


    Links to Proclamation 2020 important documents

    Proclamation 2020 (Amended 11-16-2018) (PDF)

    Proclamation 2020 Report on Interoperability and Ease of Use (PDF)

    Proclamation 2020 Publishers with Materials Under Consideration for Adoption (PDF)