RaiseMe: Micro-scholarships $$$

EHS has unveiled a new third party program called RaiseMe, which helps students get instant micro-scholarships for having good to great grades! 

  1. Create an account at RaiseMe
  2. Click on the scholarships tab to see what achievements (A's or B's) colleges and universities are willing to award. 
  3. Add your achievements (grades) from high school to your portfolio.
  4. Search for colleges that you are interested in an follow them.
  5. See how much you have earned in mirco-scholarhsips from universities!!

Since EHS began showing students how to get micro-scholarhsips in mid-September, students have acquired more than $5,000,000 in scholarhsip offers. Yep, that said 5 million dollars in free money for college. Don't delay, RaiseMe today!