• Dental Insurance

     What is dental insurance?

    Dental insurance helps keep routine, preventative oral care affordable by paying for a portion of dental care. In addition to regularly scheduled checkups, a range of procedures can be covered, such as:

    • Comprehensive exams
    • Thorough cleanings
    • X rays
    • Fillings
    • Tooth extraction
    • General Anesthesia
    • Crown
    • Root Canal

     Why do I need dental insurance?

    Oral care can be a significant financial expense. Having dental insurance can help cover the costs. Consider this: tooth decay remains the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults even though it is largely preventable (1). Help keep your family’s smiles healthy with dental insurance.

    Contact Information:

    Cigna Dental   800-244-6224


    Plan Information:

    Ameritas Dental Plan Summary

    Cigna Dental Rates 2017-2018

    Cigna Dental Providers within 30 Miles

    Cigna Ennis ISD Dental Certificate

    Cigna Generic Temporary Dental Card

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