Substitute Application Process

  • Substitute forms can be obtained online or picked up from the Human Services Department at the Administration Building located at 303 W. Knox St, Ennis, TX 75119.  The application packet can be printed and signed by the applicant. Return the completed substitute packet to the Human Services Department at the Administration Building. Applications are not complete until all the required items (see below) are received.

    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Social Security Card for payroll purposes
    • High School or College transcripts
    • Standard Teaching Certificate if you are a certified teacher

    Substitute Application
    CCH Verification


    Ennis ISD Substitute Teacher Guide



    $65.00 per day (HS Diploma)

    $70.00 per day (36 or more College Hours)

    $75.00 per day (Bachelor’s Degree)

    $85.00 per day (Certified Teacher)


    Half-Day assignment is paid at half of the subs Daily Rate.


    Long Term Substitute

    $90.00 per day Long Term Substitute*

    $100.00 per day Long Term Certified Substitute Teacher**


    A long term substitute is defined as any substitute working 10 consecutive days for the same teacher.

    *Long Term Substitute pay will be retro-active after 10 days.

    **Pre-determined long term teacher absences (maternity leave, major surgery, etc.)

        A substitute will be paid at $90.00 per day beginning the first day.


    NOTE:  Sub pay for aides or non-professional employees will be paid at the subs daily rate per day regardless of the length of the assignment.


    Please refer to the Cut-Off Dates sheet attached for paychecks issued on the 25th of each month.  If you work the day after the cut-off period, you will not receive the pay until the following month. 



    EISD no longer prints Payroll checks.  Listed below are 3 available options: 

    Option 1-Direct Deposit into a personal Checking and/or Savings Account at a financial institution of your choice.

    Option 2-Direct pay into your Dash Paycard, see attached information.


    Option 3-Direct pay into a prepaid debit card of your choice.


    As you can see by the options offered above, you are not required to use a bank account in order to set up your Direct Deposit. EISD is offering the Dash Paycard as a new option for those who wish not to use a bank account at a financial institution. Dash Paycard holders receive one (1) free cash withdrawal per pay cycle at any Visa sponsored bank which means no more check cashing fees. Direct Deposit is the quickest and safest way to receive your payroll check.


    Any discrepancies in pay received must be reported to the Payroll Department no later than two working days following the regular pay day.