•  Pick-Up & Drop-Off

    Attention All Drivers!

    Crockett has a road for our car loop that circles around and behind the school. Buses will be using the circular drive at the front of the school. Please refer to the drawing.

    Entering the Car Loop  

    • Cars will be coming from both directions off Lampasas and entering into driveway #1. This driveway has 2 way traffic-Buses and Shuttles are exiting from the outside lane.

    Exiting the Car Loop  

    • Cars will split into 2 lanes as they loop behind the school. They will be directed to the next available numbered spots for drop-off and pick up. PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES. An employee assists your child in and out of your car. You exit from driveway # 3.

    Entering the Parking Lot

    • If you are parking and entering the school, you will enter at driveway #1 and pull into the front visitor parking lot. Only BUSES and Shuttles will be entering driveway #2.

    Exiting the Parking Lot  

    • Exit the front parking lot using driveway #1 (watch for oncoming traffic)

    Staff Parking Lots

    • Employees will enter and exit from driveway #1 and #3

    The car loop around the school will be closed during school hours and opened at arrival and dismissal. It will open at 7:00 and close at 7:40 and not open again until 2:20.

    Please give us the first 2 weeks to help get the car and bus loop moving efficiently and safely.


    You will want to help make this work because ultimately this is going to help you and your child start and end the day smoothly. Please do not look for shortcuts and ways to beat the system. No drivers or passengers are allowed to exit their cars while in the car loop. Every car must have a car tag in order to get their child from the car loop. Just remember no tag no child. It must flow at all times. Getting out could be putting you and your child in danger. Once parents trust us to get their children safely in the building, parents will quickly learn that the child does better when the parent stops parking and accompanying them. When children see the school staff helping the other children out of their cars and their classmates are going inside without Mom and Dad, they usually want to join in and be like the rest. Dropping off is also a smart way to get students in on time and avoid tardies. More staff is at the door, in the halls and on duty all over the building to greet our children. Think safety! Crockett’s motto is:

    “A Safe Harbor for ALL Children”